Welcome to Rougnac, a beautiful and friendly village located on Charente soil between forests and springs! Rougnac is 25 kilometers south of Angoulême, at the gates of Périgord and offers you a lot of riches to discover. With a restaurant/grocery store, Rougnac is very lively and comes alive in the morning at the opening of the post office and school and brings together, in a peaceful rural setting, all the attractions of a typical French village.

A small commune of 420 inhabitants, and neighbour of Combiers, Charras and Grassac, Rougnac profits from a forested area of some 2000 hectares. At the beginning of the 20th century, as in many other surrounding municipalities, the main economic activity was still the manufacture of barrel rings from chestnut trees. As such, Rougnac is one of the last French bastions of the craft and Yannick Glangetas still produces rings by hand. The rings consolidate the barrels which are used, not only for local pineau and cognac, but also for the great vins de Bourgogne. The cerclier or feuillardier, as the craftsman is known, is a manufacturer who draws from the living raw material of the forest. A player in the natural resources development chain, he contributes to the world-famous Charentais vineyards. The cerclier works in his lodge, a hut covered with wood shavings which are a by-product of the ring making process. He selects his strips of chestnut and skilfully clears the superfluous branches with his billhook. Once flattened and edged with the help of a plane, the strips are made into circular form with the aid of a bending machine.


As well as a wooded domain, Rougnac also has several sources of fresh natural water which flows in abundance. The sources, discreet and even secret, feed the reservoirs which were once used to fill buckets and the eight lavoirs (wash-houses) where over the centuries, washerwomen have bent down chatting while washing the family linen.


Le château actuel du Repaire, which originates from the medieval building, has been reworked over time since its construction in the eleventh century. Hélie Arnaud was the owner in 1238, under the reign of Louis IX. Les Galard de Béarn, whose crest can be found in the crypt of the village church, were the last lords of the château. Nowadays, the château is the residence of the Moura family who, while ensuring its authenticity, has furnished comfortable apartments with character.

L’Église Saint Pierre, which dates back in the archives to the 8th century, was rebuilt in the 12th century and regularly transformed according to the vicissitudes of history. The crypt, which covers the whole length of the church, is the largest in the Charente department and has a history of more than 900 years of devotional intimacy.

Rougnac also derives its identity from the Château de Montchoix. Owned in the last century by the Durantière family, it was later converted into a preventorium in the 1950s and, more recently, into a convalescent centre where patients found their way back to autonomy while walking peacefully in the pleasantly shaded courtyard. This charming Château is again under private ownership and pampered by its new owners while it keeps its splendour of yesteryear.

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